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A lot of people afraid it will hurt, either through bad experiences or being told about them. Anal penetration can be a lot of fun and very stimulating, but some basic ground rules have to be followed.

It is very important that the anus and the anal sphincter are completely relaxed. The best way of achieving this is through sexual arousal. Try normal masturbation or foreplay. Equally important is the use of a good lubricant. Products such as Slippery Stuff, Jo H2o, and Sliquid H2o are good for vaginal lubrication, but as the anus doesn't produce its own lubricant, a stronger, longer lasting, lubricant may be required. Several options for anal play include long lasting silicone based lubricants like Sliquid's Ride , or a high quality water based lube like Sliquid's Booty Play, and Ride H2o.

Sexy Living stocks a wide range of anal sex toys, from Thai Beads to Butt Plugs and Anal Vibrators. Most standard vibrators are adequate for anal fun, but do remember to use a condom and to wash your toy afterwards for hygiene purposes. A good cleaner for this purpose is Toy Safe, which is the only product on the market that sanitizes your toys and needs no rinsing with water. Toy Safe is medically proven to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact, and is safe for all toys including silicone.

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